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Graduate Diploma Digital Media Development For Education | Apply Now

Students must apply online using the University of Limerick application website. Please note there is a fee levied by the University for submitting an application.

Online Applications Check List

To help you complete your application successfully please remember the following points

  • You need a valid email address you check regularly
  • Please scan your non UL academic qualifications into a supported format.
  • If you don't have then at hand you can start the applications process and save your application until you have the necessary files.
  • You can include a supporting statement with your application by uploading it with your qualifications
  • Please keep individual files to below 1 MB in size
  • Please do not include spaces in the file names of files uploaded

Common Questions

Whats the difference between saving & submitting an application?

Answer: Saving and Submitting are 2 different states in the application process. Saving your application allows applicants to re-visit it at a later time to complete the process e.g. upload transcripts. Saved applications are not available to be considered by the course team as they have not been submitted. Submitted applications are available for the course team to consider but applicants are no longer able to edit their application.

I submitted my application before I had uploaded my documents, Can I upload my documents now?
Answer: No it is not possible for users to load documents after they have submitted their application.

How do I upload my documentation?
Answer: As part of the applications procedure you will be allowed to upload a number of documents, if you don't have the necessary documents ready you should save your application until you have them ready then upload them and complete submitting your application (see difference between saving & submitting above).

What documents do I need to upload?
Answer: You should include your University transcript and/or Qualifications (if not from UL) and any supporting documents you feel will aid your application.

What file formats are supported by the document upload section of the online application?
Answer: The following file formats are supported (.doc. docx rtf, pdf, jpg, gif, zip)

I don't have my documents ready to upload yet, Can I still apply?
Answer: Yes as long as you remember to save your application (not submit) when you reach the document upload stage. You will be able to return to your application at a later stage, upload your documents and submit your application then.