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Graduate Diploma Digital Media Development For Education | Introduction

Digital Media Development Programme

The Graduate Diploma / Masters in Digital Media Development for Education is offered to both teachers and employees of the technology sectors in using digital media to support learning and in applying the principles of learning to the development of excellent media.

Aims of the programme

  • To equip Participants with the technical skills to capture and manipulate digital content - sound, graphics and video.
  • To equip Participants with storyboarding skills to allow them plan the creation of their own digital content and build a store of teaching materials derived from several digital sources.
  • To encourage interaction between Digital Content Providers and the Educational Community to enhance the quality of digital learning media and promote the use of digital media in teaching through familiarisation of teachers with the genesis of teaching content.
  • To encourage exchange of career opportunity between the two professions.
  • To assist Participants in developing the necessary skills to evaluate digital media content.
  • To assist in the application of learning theories to the creation of interactive digital content


This programme will take 1 Academic Year to complete


The programme is awarded by the University of Limerick and corresponds to level 9 of the National Qualifications Framework of Ireland