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Graduate Diploma Digital Media Development For Education | Prerequisites

Students will be expected to actively participate in discusssions and contribute their own experiences and knowledge to the wider community of learners during the course.

Students will require access to the following equipment/service in order to successfully participate in the course. *

Internet Access

Internet download speeds of 2Mb or greater. Please be aware 3G modem dongles may not be suitable.
Students will be expected to regularly contribute to online discussions and download resources during their course.
All assignments and tasks will be submitted online.

Computer Equipment for course software and practical labs (*)

A Windows PC computer with

  • At least 2GB of RAM minimum
  • Dual Core Processor or better
  • 20GB of Free Disk space

will be required for some modules to access course software and practical labs. Apple Mac's, Linux or any mobile device with web browser capable of accessing Adobe Flash content can be used to access lecture content or take part in discussions but cannot currently accomodate lab environment.

Students are welcome to use any application / computer system they prefer as long as its capable of producing work that meets the individual assignment requirements and is accessible to tutors and the course team.
* These requirements may be subject to change.