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Research Conference

Thesis Dissertation

ECTS Credits: 

Students will select a topic of their choice which has relevance to Digital Media Development. They will work under the close supervision of a course tutor who will provide feedback and advice. In this module the student will develop the research proposal that forms the basis of her/his dissertation. Having gained ethical approval for their proposed research they will then finalize the design and implementation of their research instruments and complete a dissertation of 20,000 words.

The dissertation will be assessed on the quality of research design, their engagement with relevant conceptual frameworks (evident in their review of relevant literature), the understanding of research paradigms and their suitability to their research, their findings (as evidence of the success of their instruments and field work), their capacity to engage in discursive critique arising from their findings and experience of the research process and finally on their ability to extrapolate conclusions and recommendations arising from the research process. Students will present a progress report to peers and faculty at (a) specially convened seminar(s) towards the end of the semester.


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