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Career Development Institute

The Career Development Institute (CDI) was established by the University of Limerick in 1995 to deliver professional development programmes delivered to busy members of the workforce. The CDI recognises as a core operating principle that these programmes must be delivered combining academic excellence practical relevance and flexibility of timetabling.

Through the active support of the Minister for Education and Science a range of academic initiatives at undergraduate, postgraduate and master's levels are constantly being accredited and delivered. The Institute exercises particular specialisms in the areas of learning connected with the applications of the most modern technologies towards greater professionalism in working and learning. The institute has developed particular specialisms in the conversion of the formal post graduate programmes into ladders of learning facilitating smooth progression from basic learning to the achievement of an accredited award up to the level of masters. The programmes of the institute in both technology and Social and Personal Health Education (SPHE) are delivered on an outreach basis throughout the country.

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